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TECHNOLOGY: why is the UK a world leader?

As Europe’s leading hub for creativity, innovation and technology, the UK will be present at the Web Summit in Lisbon from 1 to 4 November with a very impactful stand, where you will be able to find out why the UK is the best place to start and grow a tech business. And because the UK will be hosting COP26 in Glasgow at that time, we will also showcase UK’s leadership on clean growth, sustainability and much more...Check out our #UKatWebSummit schedule here

November 1-4, 2021

UK stand (E335 - Pavilion FIL3)
(next to Women in Tech Lounge)


The Global Entrepreneur Programme is DIT’s flagship programme that enables ambitious internationally mobile entrepreneurs and their innovation-rich companies to scale and internationalise from a UK global HQ. The GEP focuses on founders who want to establish a global or strategic HQ in the UK and access our world class entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as GEP’s expert support Their support, both highly prized and free, includes:

  • mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs (dealmakers)
  • help to develop business plans
  • assistance with relocating to the UK, including visa application endorsement
  • introductions to key networks including investors
  • guidance on how to grow internationally
  • continued help from DIT and other relevant stakeholders once located in the UK, especially around exporting
  • apply through the programme for the UK Innovator Visa (as GEP is a recognised Endorsing Body)

Join us for the next GEP competition on AI that will be launched live from WS on the 3rd November @15H30 at the UK stand E335 at Pavilion FIL3.

COP26: Powering climate action

To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and keep 1.5º alive, the global transition to clean power needs to progress four times faster than at present. Technology will be vital to succeeding in this mission.

As the host of the COP26 UN Climate Conference, the UK is leading by example: in this year alone, we have secured new investments totaling £450m in wind power, electric vehicles and battery manufacturing; committed to end coal power by 2024; and pledged £1bn for the development of carbon capture technologies. Our growing investments in our green industrial revolution will position the UK as a world leader in green tech, and push forward our commitments to climate action.

The UK: a digital innovation global hotspot

The UK has a powerful technology story to tell, with a deep history as a pioneer in technological innovation. The global pandemic has changed the way we live, the way we work, and the way businesses operate, accelerating the demand for digital technology at unprecedented rates across the world. The UK is at the heart of the innovation, growth, and global reach needed to stay competitive in this new landscape.

Ranked fourth among high-income economies, the UK’s business-friendly environment is the foremost destination in Europe and third globally for tech VC investment. This high-ranking status is underpinned by the expertise available in its renowned academic and research facilities and reinforced by a mature venture capital ecosystem seeking out the investment unicorns of tomorrow.

The home of artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is transforming our lives, experiences, and businesses. Using advanced algorithmic techniques such as deep learning, AI is helping businesses solve complex problems faster than ever, freeing up time and raising productivity.

As the most mature AI market in Europe, and only second to US globally, the UK already presents a strategic advantage for businesses engaging with this new frontier of technology. The sector is growing fast in the UK – over the past decade the UK’s AI sector has increased by 145% and is now worth over £15.6bn to the national economy. The government funded tech accelerator estimates that the nation is now home to over 1,300 AI companies.

AI is being used to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, including managing disease; improving mobility; reducing harmful emissions; and enabling a more sustainable world.

The UK has some of the best research institutions in the world and globally recognised capability in foundational AI-related disciplines including maths and computer science, ethics and linguistics. It has substantial datasets in public institutions where AI can be explored safely and securely, including the National Health Service's (NHS) health data repositories.

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The UK: Europe’s cybersecurity innovation hub

Digitisation brings numerous benefits to business, but it also brings a new set of risks – presenting challenges for data security and user privacy as the quantity of hackable data increases exponentially. The UK is a cyber innovation hub – the largest, most concentrated and accessible cybersecurity market in Europe. A new cyber business registers in the UK every week as demand for secure technology grows every day – from online banking to smart fridges and autonomous cars.
Collectively the UK cyber industry generates annual revenues of £8.9bn.

The UK: a front runner for clean growth technology

The UK is leading the global race to a net zero carbon economy, delivering cutting-edge technology and revolutionary research. The country is rapidly decarbonising its domestic economy, and thanks to our world leading expertise in offshore wind power, electronics for zero emission vehicles and electric motors, and global leadership in green finance, we are successfully exporting goods and services around the world. Transformation to clean growth is in its relevant infancy but the opportunity is immense as more industries adopt, particularly in the fields of Green Energy, Transport and Buildings.

The UK is dedicated to innovative research and development and is currently home to Europe’s largest centre for advanced materials research and continually increasing its funding in R&D across clean growth sectors.

The UK is mobilising £12bn government investment via its Ten Point Plan to become the world’s number one centre for green technology and finance.

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